Listen to the sound of Østerbro Pigekor…

Østerbro Pigekor’s version of Fertile Rock by Luka Bloom. Arrangement by Marlene Lollike, photography by Hanne T. Fisker Photography, video by Oxana Solé.

2 videos from their tour to Ireland July 2012.



A video of one of their own song-writers:


Isabelle by Luka Bloom with Østerbro Pigekor in Westport, Ireland 2016.


Below a video from a concert in Iceland 2010. (it’s not professional video recording, you even get to see a pair of socks (!) nevertheless it gives a fair idea of what they are about)

Swedish Folksongs “Känner du”, “Kvällen” and “Uti vor hage”:



Listen to Wade in the water by clicking here

listen to Jeg fryser i mit verdens skrud by clicking here