In less than 10 years growing childrens and youth choir projects of very high quality have been established on Oesterbro, Copenhagen. These choir projects, which now counts 140 kids and young teenagers (4 choirs) are run by Marlene Lollike and Morten Schousboe. To be in charge of the quality and development of the choirs succesfully demands a lot of time and unfortunately also money.

Therefore our humble request is to support the further development of this work by donations. The money will be used for simple everyday management of the choirs and for bigger events such as unique musical experiences abroad, latest their tour to Ireland in July 2012 and Barcelona 2014.

Ways to donate: either at one of our concerts or by transferring to our bank account.

If this has any interest, please do call or send an email to Marlene Lollike and feel free to ask away. (look for details on “Contact”)

We can assure you this much; any supoort is immensely appreciated and honored.

Thank you