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The Danish – Irish Adventure Continues…

Concert in Copenhagen with Østerbro Pigekor and Luka Bloom!

Sometimes, all it takes is a song. “Fertile Rock” by Irish singer songwriter Luka Bloom became the foundation rock for what later transpired into a true musical adventure between Østerbro Pigekor (ØP), Luka Bloom and The Lismorahaun Singers, culminating in a moving concert in Kilfenora with standing applause.

A deeply inspiring and creative friendship developed during this trip to Ireland in July 2012, and as a natural consequence, the Irish troubadour is now coming to Copenhagen for the craic and to once again sing along with ØP. So, despite a busy concert calendar for both parts in the autumn, a concert with ØP and Luka Bloom is on the horizon the 6th of October 2012 in Copenhagen.

Marlene Lollike and ØP is looking much forward to offer the Danes a little insight into Irish music, a meeting with a true artist (and “bogman” freely translated by the girls to bonderøv) and to share a small part of the magic that unfolded in Ireland.

True to the traditional Irish spirit in which the music occurs spontaneously and in the flow that is given, the choir and Luka Bloom only have a few days together up to the concert, but it should not be underestimated what can arise in a creative moment when the heart and soul is involved and everyone gives their utmost. The repertoire will consist of ØP’s own Nordic tracks, songs in cooperation with Luka Bloom and last but not least, a few of his songs solo.

It is with great joy and honor that Østerbro Girls Choir with Marlene Lollike at the helm, exactly two years after she first heard “Fertile Rock” that started it all, and now can bid welcome to an afternoon full of music. Anything can happen … one thing is for sure, it will not be boring.

To listen to ‘Gaman’ by Luka Bloom with Østerbro Pigekor from Corcomroe Abbey in Bellhabour, Co. Clare, Ireland, please click on the following link Media

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