Next stop Ireland….

In the first week of July Oesterbro Pigekor will be on their way to the emerald isle of haunting tunes and songs.

Choirmaster Marlene payed the little coastal village Doolin in County Clare, also known as the capital of the traditional Irish music, a short visit in October 2011. Inspired and deeply touched by the traditional Irish music and folksongs, it wasn’t hard to decide where to bring Oesterbro Pigekor for their next tour abroad.

As soon as Marlene returned to Denmark, her and Morten and the choir girls, supported by several other creative minds in Denmark and Ireland, began the project of fundraising and putting together a repertoir of songs. For curious minds, the repertoir will consist of Nordic classical music and folksongs plus their own arrangements of songs by the Irish singer songwriter Luka Bloom (permission has been granted:)

The main purpose of the tour is to get a touch of insight into the Irish world of music, inspiring interaction with Irish musicians and to sing with a Nordic voice in this ancient land. The choir will mainly concentrate on the area of Galway and Doolin and definitely not miss the chance to explore and get a sense of the poetic and untamed nature of the Westcoast of Ireland.

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